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As a hobby and a fervency (maybe an obsession) photography has been part of me since when I was given my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic.  My photography journey started with analogue, going through rolls of film and waiting for the film be developed; to digital, using memory cards.  Digital gives the immediacy of downloading and reviewing the images.


People, places, environments, and surroundings are forever changing, it is never constant for long.  Sometimes, the change is gradual and other times it is quick.  These events can change the direction of our lives, sometimes creating a set of circumstances we never would have chosen or imagined.  These moments may drive us, energise us, and make us who we are.  We pack away in our minds, certain images of extraordinary and not so extraordinary happenings or experiences.  However, it is unlikely we will hold onto the details.


I have been taking jillions (slight exaggeration, but close) of photographs, of anything that catches my eye, wanting to capture the moment, as how I see the details come to life, endeavoring to capture both the inner and exterior beauty, often hidden in the simplest aspects.  Photography as a medium, allows me to observe the ebb and flow of life, that sometimes otherwise goes unnoticed; with open eyes, heart, and mind.


I love, that I love taking photographs for my own appreciation of life, and not for anything else.  With the joy of taking the image, also comes the joy of sharing, and the hope the viewer of my photograph, also enjoys the image; as I share my observations, perceptions and feelings of life, and the world around me; and implicit with the sharing, there is the notion of aloha and mahalo.


Thank you, for taking the time visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed viewing my photographs and my take of the moment.

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